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A Novel Molten Oxide Fuel Cell Concept
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Fuel Cells
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Author list: Belousov V., Fedorov S.
Publisher: Wiley: 12 months
Publication year: 2016
Volume number: 16
Issue number: 3
Start page: 401
End page: 403
Number of pages: 3
ISSN: 1615-6846
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We suggest a novel molten oxide fuel cell (MOFC) concept. The MOFC is based on the oxygen-ion-conducting solid/molten oxide electrolyte (so-called liquid-channel-grain-boundary-structure, LGBS, material) consisting of TeO solid grains and chemically compatible TeO+TeBiO liquid electrolyte at the grain boundaries. The intergranular liquid channels provide the LGBS mechanical plasticity (ductility), which makes it easy to shape and alleviates problems due to thermal incompatibility with electrodes (CTE), and high ionic conductivity. The volume fraction of liquid varied from 0.15 to 0.17 at 600–640 °C. The cell performance has been examined by standard electrochemical methods. With air used as a cathode gas, the single cell showed the power 11.5 mW cm at the current density 90 mA cm, electrolyte thickness 2.5 mm, and temperature 640 °C.

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