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Kinetics of microdamage accumulation in low-carbon steel in the initial state and after ECAP (2020)
AIP Conference Proceedings
Sinev I.O., Beletsky E.N., Tyutin M.R., Botvina L.R., Rybalchenko O.V., Dobatkin S.V.
Kinetics and mechanism of high-temperature oxidation of the heterophase ZrSi2-MoSi2-ZrB2 ceramics (2019)
Times Cited: 0
Astapov AN, Pogozhev YS, Prokofiev MV, Lifanov IP, Potanin AY, Levashov EA, Vershinnikov VI
Kinetics and mechanism of mechanochemical synthesis of hafnium nitride ceramics in a planetary ball mill (2019)
Times Cited: 0
Nepapushev AA, Buinevich VS, Gallington LC, Pauls JM, Orlova T, Miloserdova OM, Chapysheva NV, Rogachev AS, Mukasyan AS
Kinetics and mechanism of the oxidation of ZrSi2-MoSi2-ZrB2 ceramics in air at temperatures up to 1400 °C (2019)
Astapov A., Pogozhev Y., Prokofiev M., Potanin A., Levashov E., Vershinnikov V., Rabinskiy L.
Kinetics of Reduction of α-Fe2O3 Nanopowder with Hydrogen under Power Mechanical Treatment in an Electromagnetic Field (2019)
Inorganic Materials: Applied Research
Konyukhov Y., Nguyen V., Ryzhonkov D.
Knight Shift and Leading Superconducting Instability from Spin Fluctuations in Sr2RuO4 (2019)
Times Cited: 0
Physical Review Letters
Romer AT, Scherer DD, Eremin IM, Hirschfeld PJ, Andersen BM
Krotov method for optimal control of closed quantum systems (2019)
Times Cited: 3
Morzhin OV, Pechen AN
Kinetic features of wear-resistant coating growth by plasma electrolytic oxidation (2018)
Surface Innovations
Tailor S., Rakoch A., Gladkova A., Van Truong P., Strekalina D., Sourkouni G., Manjunath S., Takagi T.
Kinetics and High-Temperature Oxidation Mechanism of Ceramic Materials in the ZrB2–SiC–MoSi2 System (2018)
Izvestiya VUZ. Tsvetnaya Metallurgiya / Russian Journal of Non-Ferrous Metals
Iatsyuk I., Potanin A., Rupasov S., Levashov E.
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