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Ultra-high-temperature tantalum-hafnium carbonitride ceramics fabricated by combustion synthesis and spark plasma sintering (2021)
Buinevich V.S., Nepapushev A.A., Moskovskikh D.O., Kuskov K.V., Yudin S.N., Mukasyan A.S.
Ultralow Thermal Conductivity in Dual-Doped n-Type Bi2Te3 Material for Enhanced Thermoelectric Properties (2021)
Musah J.D., Guo C., Novitskii A., Serhiienko I., Adesina A.E., Khovaylo V., Wu C.M.L., Zapien J.A., Roy V.A.L.
Ultrafast synthesis of Pb-doped BiCuSeO oxyselenides by high-energy ball milling (2020)
Materials Letters
Novitskii A., Serhiienko I., Kolesnikov E., Zakharova E., Voronin A., Khovaylo V.
Ultrahigh enhancement rate of the energy density of flexible polymer nanocomposites using core-shell BaTiO3@MgO structures as the filler (2020)
Times Cited: 2
Wang PJ, Zhou D, Guo HH, Liu WF, Su JZ, Fu MS, Singh C, Trukhanov S, Trukhanov A
Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene/titanium-hybrid implant for bone-defect replacement (2020)
Maksimkin A.V., Senatov F.S., Niaza K., Dayyoub T., Kaloshkin S.D.
Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene with hybrid porous structure (2020)
Lermontov S.A., Maksimkin A.V., Sipyagina N.A., Malkova A.N., Kolesnikov E.A., Zadorozhnyy M.Y., Straumal E.A., Dayyoub T.
Ultrasensitive magnetic field sensors for biomedical applications (2020)
Murzin D., Mapps D.J., Levada K., Belyaev V., Omelyanchik A., Panina L., Rodionova V.
Ultrawide-Bandgap p-n Heterojunction of Diamond/beta-Ga2O3 for a Solar-Blind Photodiode (2020)
Times Cited: 6
Kim H, Tarelkin S, Polyakov A, Troschiev S, Nosukhin S, Kuznetsov M, Kim J
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