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Advanced Method for Recycling Red Mud by Carbothermal Solid-Phase Reduction Using Sodium Sulfite (2020)
Grudinskii P., Zinoveev D., Semenov A., Zakunov A., Dyubanov V., Petelin A.
Algorithm for Assessing the Efficiency of Innovational Technologies of Industrial Enterprises (2020)
Tolstykh T., Shkarupeta E., Malkova T., Alpeeva E., Garina E.
Biomimetic scaffold fabricated with a mammalian trabecular bone template (2020)
Kiselevskiy M., Bulygina I., Senatov F., Choudhary R., Kolesnikov E., Kaloshkin S., Scholz R., Knyazeva M., Walther F., Anisimova N.
Chromium-doped Fe-Co-Ni binders for diamond cutting tools: The features of the structure, mechanical properties, and adhesion to diamond (2020)
Loginov P.A., Zhassay U.A., Bychkova M.Y., Petrzhik M.I., Mukanov S.K., Sidorenko D.A., Orekhov A.S., Rupasov S.I., Levashov E.A.
Cytotoxicity of biodegradable magnesium alloy WE43 to tumor cells in vitro: Bioresorbable implants with antitumor activity? (2020)
Journal of Biomedical Materials Research Part B: Applied Biomaterials
Estrin Y., Dobatkin S., Anisimova N., Kiselevskiy M., Martynenko N., Straumal B., Willumeit-Römer R.
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